Hey guys!  Welcome!  I'm April!  I'm so glad you visited my probably-out-of-date-website (sorry 'bout it). For a limited time there's sneak tracks in the site player and some other peaks in the Music tab.  Check'em and let me know your faves.

If you're new, I’m just a country girl  - who sometimes writes some not-so-country songs  - crazy in love with Jesus.  I guess I got here because I told Him, “I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I’ll go wherever you want me to go.” (read: Africa/orphanage).  Who knew He would lead me to write country songs, become an artist, and now we’re working with some folks who just offered me a tv show filming my "rise up within the music industry."  If you'd like to hear the whole story how ministry became mainstream music, you can read it here in the blog, What I Plan To Do ... and Why.

I believe you should use your gifts to fuel your passion.  So I plan to use music as a platform to fund Love Them Now (Luke 10:24), my non-profit who's mission is to share God's goodness especially in places the church can't go....like April shows. : ) Why not, right?!  

Oh how I can't WAIT for you to hear the upcoming project!  It's called (ready?).....The Flower.  And it's made up of 35 songs with 5 discs/4 genres/7 songs each.  Each disc will make a pedal making "The Flower" roughly the size of a vinyl record.  I am SO. Stinking.  Pumped.  For real.  It's not going to be anything like what you've heard from me before.  This record was written by and co-produced by  - well - me....so I can keep it real.  Hallelujah!  

*If you're a Bible-nerd like me that's 5x7=35 (Grace x Perfection = Hope)*  And that's exactly the point...of everything.

Lastly, thanks to all who supported What I'd Say.  It reached #2 on the Hotdisc top 40 in the U.K (that's the only place we could afford to send it. Ha!).  And y'all who shared  "The Blessing in Bro Country.....The Power in PRO Country" and the song "Bro Country".  That song seems so laughable now, (I was really mad when I wrote it!) but thanks to it we were featured in 100's of media outlets all across the nation.  Most read something like this:  April Defends Bro Country; Can't We All Just Be PRO Country?  Oooh!  And I also got my first negative press from a Luke Bryan hater - SCORE! #buckelist

It's exciting times.  God is good.  I'm still spending a great deal of time pushing propofol (legally) in Alabama and volunteering for Father’s Heart Ministries (Branson). You should check them out!  They helped change my life powerfully. Thank you so much for always sticking with me (& up for me) and sharing my tunes.  I'm so sorry it's been longer than any of us would've liked for me to see your sweet faces again.  We're gonna make the world better.....and it's gonna be soon. I can feel it!

Lovin' Ya'll Big, 

P.S.  Don't forget it's just "April" now - not  "April Fraiser."  That's right; we ditched the last name.  I've joked about changing it to something like "To-Be-Announced" but that's a lot of letters.....and paper-work.  So it's just "April" for now.  Kind of like "Pink." :D

P.P.S.   I'm not "April the Girl" in case there was any confusion. That's just the only Twitter name on the fly.  However, I've never heard anyone call Luke Bryan "Luke Bryan Online" so I'm hoping I'm safe. ;)

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