I sure hope you feel welcomed on this site 'cause I am so glad you're here!

My apologies to those annoyed with the lack up updates - I'm right there with you.  I've been trying to cooperate with The Big Guy...apparently He is more concerned with working on the inside before He does a bunch of stuff on the outside (and that's included playing gigs!).  But it's cool....I trust Him. ;)

Thankfully, there's new music, merch (and maybe even some ministry-type stuff) on the short horizon.  If you want to be in the know just add youe email (safely) below, and I'll be honored to keep you in the loop.  I have no idea what it will all look like because this isn't exactly the route I had in mind, but I know one thing - it's going to be a blast!

Love and Best To Y'all, 



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