I've waited so long to say this, "We're going to RADIO!!!" Whohoo!  I am beyond excited to announce my cover of the ETC hit "What I'd Say" will now be available at a radio near you.  Call and ask for it!  Also be sure to let me know what stations you're hearing it on, so I can thank them personally.  

Most of you already know a recent trip back home to Mississippi really had my heart breaking over the whole bro country drama to the point I couldn't be quiet any longer.  Being true to the ENFJ I am, I released "Bro Country" pretty off the cuff.  Thanks to your support and only a tiny press release somehow word got out.  By the next day the blog (aka my favorite part!) "The Blessing in Bro Country.....The Power in PRO Country" and the song "Bro Country" were featured in 100's of media outlets all across the nation.  Most read something like this:  April Defends Bro Country; Can't We All Just Be PRO Country?  Oooh!  And I also got my first negative press from a Luke Bryan hater - SCORE! 

I'm also making plans to get back out on the road this month, and I know it's going to be worth the wait.

Thank you for always sticking up for me and sharing my tunes.  We're gonna make the world better.....and it's gonna be soon.

I sure love y'all big,
P.S.  Don't forget it's just "April" now - not  "April Fraiser."  That's right; we ditched the last name.  I've joked about changing it to something like "To-Be-Announced" but that's a lot of letters.....and paper-work.  So it's just "April" for now.  Kind of like "Pink." :D

P.P.S.   I'm not "April the Girl" in case there was any confusion. That's just the only Twitter name on the fly.  However, I've never heard anyone call Luke Bryan "Luke Bryan Online" so I'm hoping I'm safe. ;)

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